Vending Products & Brands

Providing maximum quality, nutritious, name brand national products such as Frito Lay, Pepsi, Coke and M&M/Mars and local products such as Faygo, BetterMade chips and Kars Nut products is our policy. Our fresh food products are made in Detroit to exacting standards to ensure eye appealing, tasty wholesome platters, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. We constantly compare different food sources for taste, nutrition, and healthy quality for our fresh food items, candy, chips and beverage items.

We routinely review sales reports to be able to identify customer buying trends and adjust our product selection accordingly, if necessary. These reports have prompted us to carry new product lines including Soy Chips, Baked Snacks; Bold Habanero flavored items as well as portion controlled/100 calorie servings of popular snack foods. In the beverage category we stock, as standard items, exciting options like Vitamin Water, Red Bull, Coke Zero in addition to the more traditional offerings. These items have been standards for us since they were available to the industry and before most of our competitors carried them. The adaptability, of our product offerings to customer needs, ensures customer satisfaction.

Healthier For You

Healthier for You Snacks

We receive a minimum of 15 product deliveries per week which ensures that our customers are receiving the freshest products possible. The frequency of the deliveries we receive ensures the availability of the freshest products. Our new “Healthier For You” snack and beverage offerings have been well received by both the vend customers and client managers. The “Healthier for You” menu includes vend products that range from less than 100 calorie servings to no trans-fat, sugar free, low fat, low sodium appetizing items.